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Jade Corp Manual Garlic Shredder

Jade Corp Manual Garlic Shredder

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Unleash the flavor with our Manual Garlic Shredder – where culinary prowess meets a dash of whimsy for a garlic-chopping experience like never before! This isn't just any shredder; it's a kitchen companion designed to transform your garlic into a culinary masterpiece with a sprinkle of fun. Tired of the garlic-guessing game? Enter our Manual Garlic Shredder, your go-to tool for precision and efficiency in the kitchen. This compact shredder not only makes mincing a breeze but also adds a touch of joy to your cooking routine. It's not just a kitchen gadget; it's a flavor wizard that turns ordinary meals into extraordinary delights. But why settle for just functionality when you can add a pinch of fun to your kitchen adventures? Our Manual Garlic Shredder boasts a user-friendly design that makes chopping garlic a playful task. Say goodbye to tedious mincing and hello to a kitchen experience that's as enjoyable as it is efficient. It's not just a shredder; it's a flavor revolution with a side of fun.


Material: Stainless steel

Length: 11cm

Width: 5,1cm

Height: 7cm

Weight: 105cm

Items included: 1 garlic press stainless steel

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